Allergen Responsibility & Disclaimer

Student Responsibility
Students with life-threatening food allergies who may need to use an epi-pen should be carrying their own. Dining Services staff is NOT trained to administer epi-pens and CANNOT provide or administer them. Students should make appropriate people (i.e. roommates, friends, and/or Resident Advisors) aware of their conditions so people can react effectively should emergency medical services be needed.

Notify the offices of Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) of your dietary needs and accommodations prior to arriving on campus. Know that Dining Services cannot accommodate students without prior notification and documentation from SEAS. If you have a question about a particular menu item or recipe, please seek out the following individuals. These are the professional managers who have been trained to handle food allergy related questions in the residential dining hall facility.

  • John O’Shea, CEC, Executive Chef – Sharpe Refectory
  • Aaron Fitszenry, Assistant Chef – Sharpe Refectory
  • Janet Parris, Manager – Verney-Woolley
  • Jessie Curran – Registered Dietitian

If any of these individuals are unavailable to answer your questions, please use good personal judgment; make food selections on the side of caution; and if there is ever a question, please avoid consuming.

Food Allergy Disclaimer
Brown Dining Services makes every effort to accommodate the various dietary requirements of our customers and handles food allergies seriously. Every effort is made to instruct our staff regarding the potential severity of food allergies. Brown Dining Services staff consults individually with students with food allergies to minimize allergic reactions. Please be advised that our menu items may contain allergens, may have come in contact with items containing allergens, and there is always a risk of contamination or cross contact. In addition, the potential does exist, that food manufacturers may change their formulation or manner of processing without our knowledge. We do not guarantee the accuracy of nutrition information. Ingredient and nutrition content of foods may vary due to changes in product formulation, recipe substitutions, portion size and other factors. The nutrition analyses provided are approximations only. Customers with concerns need to be aware of these risks. Brown Dining Services will assume no liability for any adverse reactions that may occur in the dining facilities.