Meal Plan FAQs

I am a first-year student. What should I know about meal plans?
While you are adjusting to college life the last thing you’ll want to worry about is your meal credit balance and whether you have access to a healthy variety of food options when you’re hungry. The comfort from knowing that a warm meal is never far away is why a majority of students on campus stay on a meal plan. Also, since all first years are required to be on a meal plan, the dining halls are central to much of the social scene. The Refectory, Verney-Woolley and the other snack bars across campus are where you’ll really get to know your unit-mates and grow new friendships. For these reasons, we recommend that first-years choose the 20 meals per week plan.

What’s the best plan for me if I do breakfast on my own?
Some of us just aren’t morning people (though we do have coffee and an extensive cereal bar at each dining hall). We’d suggest the 14 meals per week plan or the Flex 460 plan, which both effectively provide two meals a day.

What’s the best plan for me if I like an extra snack in the evening?
We’d recommend picking a plan with some extra meals beyond what you’ll need during the day. The extra meal credits can be used during the evening at our retail eateries. Another strategy is to choose a plan with a lot of Flex Points, like our Flex meal plans. And as a meal plan holder, you can add more points to an existing plan.

What if I have my own kitchen, would a meal plan still be worth having?
Choose a Flex Meal Plan that gives you a block of meals to use anytime during the semester. Cook at home during weeks when you’re relaxed but also have the option of freshly prepared food waiting for you when you’re busy with papers and exams. That way, you use your meals whenever you want them. With lots of Flex points, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of the Campus Market when you can’t make the trek to the grocery store.

I live off-campus, would a meal plan still be worth having?
Whether you live a few blocks or a few miles away from campus, there will be days when you appreciate the convenience of grabbing a bite to eat right before or after class. You can also pick up groceries from the Campus Market when you don’t have the time to go to the grocery store. The 10 meals per week, Flex 240 or Off Campus 50 meal plan may be right for you.

I keep a Kosher or Halal diet. What are my options?
We have two weekly meal plans that provide certified Kosher and Halal options at the Refectory.

Can I still find meals if I’m vegetarian or vegan?
Yes, any of our meal plans are a great fit! Our dining halls have plenty of tasty options from daily hot entrees to our extensive salad bar. Our retail eateries feature sandwiches, soups and pizzas that are vegetarian or dairy-free. Learn more about our vegetarian options.

How can I safely manage my allergies to certain foods?
Thankfully you’re in good hands at Brown Dining. Our commitment to providing every first-year student with a meal plan means that we have seen it all over the years. We have experience catering to a wide variety of needs and you’ll see that reflected in our kitchens and menus. Learn more and get in touch with our staff Dietitian.

I am away many weekends, what’s the best plan for me?
Our Flex plans let you choose when you use your meals during the course of the semester rather than allotting meals by week. Flex plans also offer more points so you can grab a bite for your trip. If you do choose to stick around Providence for the weekend, we’ll still be open and a Flex plan will give you the means to go to any of our eateries.

What are my options if my schedule doesn’t leave me a lot of time for lunch or dinner?
Our dining halls both have to-go containers and our retail eateries provide similar amenities for mobile meals. You may want to add more Flex points to your meal plan so you can take advantage of the late hours at the Campus Market, the Gate, the Ivy Room and Josiah’s.