Medical Accomodations cont.

Meal Accommodation Examples and Instructions

  • Medically Restricted Diets
  • Food Allergies
  • Dietary Intolerances

If you are an academic year, meal plan participant and require a meal plan accommodation, please follow these steps:

You must register with the office of Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS). Please follow the detailed instructions outlined on the SEAS website. In order to accommodate you, we recommend you contact the office of SEAS at least three weeks prior to arriving on campus.

After registering, you must wait for communication from SEAS. It may take some time depending on the time of year and volume of students requiring special accommodations to evaluate your documentation and needs.

Once your file has been completed, and SEAS has indicated so, you, the student, will be responsible for scheduling to meet with Brown Dining’s Registered Dietitian, Jessie Curran.

The BDS Dietitian will work with each SEAS registered student to understand each student’s needs. We cannot accommodate for dietary preferences; however, we can provide students with information about our menus, recipes, and ingredients, how to navigate the dining halls for options, and the resources to assist in making meal plan work.

*All dining locations on campus are considered areas that may contain peanuts, tree nuts and other allergens. Students should use caution when making selections at these locations.