Meet Our Team

  • john-oshea
  • John O’Shea
    Executive Chef

    “I’m proud to head a kitchen charged with quenching the appetite of Brown’s hungry students, faculty, staff and visitors each day. The remarkable teamwork of our staff is what makes the fresh flavors of Brown Dining possible.”

  • aaron-fitzenry
  • Aaron Fitzsenry
    Assistant Chef

    “I love food. It’s something simple yet really important that we all share. If you know this, you know we’re already friends that might not have met yet.”

  • jessie-curran
  • Jessie Curran

    “Having a balanced diet can be a challenge during college as you navigate a dynamic lifestyle with new dining options, class and activity schedules. I’m available to help you!”
  • ty_paup
  • Ty Paup
    Bon Appetit Culinary Director

    “Our kitchen philosophy is simple. We cook from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients. We start with food in its simplest, most natural form.”

  • Sean-Debobes
  • Sean DeBobes
    Assistant Manager Sharpe Refectory

    “Helping to foster a sense of community at Brown is something that I am passionate about. Ensuring that all our guests receive great food and service every day is a big piece of that. How can I help?”
  • tara-norcross
  • Tara Norcross
    Bon Appetit Director of Residential Dining Operations

    “I’m excited to provide students with the best possible dining experience while helping our Culinary team’s talent and vision shine through to our guests.”