Terms & Conditions

Please read the following items and consider your options carefully when making your meal plan decision.

  • Meal plan contracts are available to all undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. Consistent with Brown’s commitment to the residential college, all resident undergraduates (except RUE students) are required to participate in a meal plan throughout their first full year of enrollment. Voluntary participation in a Brown food co-op does not fulfill the first-year meal plan requirement.
  • Upper-class students are automatically contracted and billed for the meal plan they had the previous year. Although billed by semester, meal plan contracts are in effect for the full academic year.
  • Students who wish to change, or upper-class students who wish to discontinue their meal contract should indicate their preference on the Selection Card mailed home in the summer.
  • Upper-class meal plan contracts can be canceled in person at the Dining Services administrative office at 144 Thayer St. A fifty dollar ($50) non-refundable administrative fee will be charged to a student’s University account for any meal plan contract canceled after September 6, 2016. No meal plan contract can be canceled after September 28, 2016.
  • Meal plan contracts may be changed only once each semester and a change precludes cancellation. The contract change deadline for Semester I is September 28, 2016. The contract change period for Semester II is November 28 to January 23, 2017 (online). There is a ten dollar ($10) administrative fee for a meal plan contract change submitted after September 6, 2016.
  • Any refund due from a meal plan contract change or cancellation is credited to the student’s University account on a pro-rated basis.
  • The Bursar’s Office will not process meal plan contract changes or cancellations. You must contact Dining Services directly or in person for any action pertaining to meal plan contracts. Omission of board contract fees from payments to the Bursar does not constitute cancellation of a meal plan contract. Late charges will apply unless Dining Services is contacted directly.
  • Meal plan contract meals and Points are non-transferable. It is a violation of both Brown and Dining Services policy to loan out your ID card. Sharing meal plan is not permitted and all meals and points associated with each plan (with the exception of guest meals) are for the use of the meal plan holder only.
  • A maximum of two meals per hour can be used as “meal credits” toward purchases in retail locations, at a value of $7.60 each.
  • Guest meals are included in each residential meal plan. They can be used by a student to pay for the meal of a companion but they cannot be used to supplement a student’s own meal balance.
  • Students receive Points as part of each dining account in the amounts noted on the Meal Plan page. Additional points may be purchased throughout the academic year.
  • Unused meals are forfeited when you switch from a Flex plan to a Weekly plan.
  • Unused meals and Points are forfeited at the end of the applicable academic year, i.e. on the last day of final exams.
  • Club Plan meal plans expire at the end of the academic year and do not carry into Commencement.

Questions concerning the terms of Meal Plan Contracts may be directed to the Brown Dining office, 144 Thayer St. You can also call (401) 863-3876.

Brown Dining also has established policies for standards of conduct in our dining halls and retail eateries.

Standards of Student Conduct at Brown Dining

Students who dine in Brown Dining facilities are held to the same behavioral standards that exist through all aspects of University life. Brown Dining policies are consistent with the University’s Standards of Student Conduct. The following constitute violations of Brown Dining Policy, as do all violations of the Standards of Student Conduct which either occur in a Brown Dining facility or interfere with Brown Dining’s ability to operate its businesses:

  1. Removal of any food (concealed or not) from an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall. Though unlimited portions are available, meal rates are based on the amount of food consumed within the confines of the dining halls. Brown Dining reserves the right to prohibit the use of backpacks or other large bags in facilities, as well as to inspect bags.
  2. Consumption of any food or drink in an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall without paying.
  3. Consumption of any food or drink in the service area of a retail eatery, the concealment of food, or the removal of food from any retail premises without paying.
  4. Theft of any utensils, dishware, glasses or any other supplies or equipment from a dining hall or catered event.
  5. Entering, or attempting to enter, a dining hall through an unauthorized entrance.
  6. Fraudulent use of a Brown University ID card, which includes attempting to use someone else’s card to either gain access to a dining hall or to pay for your purchase.
  7. Harassment of Brown Dining employee, customer, vendor or visitor.
  8. Possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or drug paraphernalia in any eatery.
  9. Damage to or destruction of Brown Dining equipment or facilities.